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Our Church

1st Pres ChurchThe first church to be established in Frostproof is now – as we know it – The First Pres Church, located at the corner of North Palm Avenue and West A Street.

Many years ago (1905) a small group of concerned, dedicated Christian citizens realized the need for a place to worship.  After much prayerful thought and work a memorable day came when there was organized a church to be known as “The Church Among the Lakes” with eleven charter members.  As membership grew there were those who opposed the name “The Church Among the Lakes” and after much thought and discussion the little church changed its name, and was known as the “Union Church”.  This was satisfactory for a while but soon, one after another, groups became conscious of differences in creeds and beliefs, and they left the Mother Chruch to organize their own churches.  The remaining members of the Union Church feeling that this church had served its mission saw the necessity of affiliating itself with some denomination.  They expressed their desire to organize into a Presbyterian Church – thus in 1915 the Union Church became known as “The First Pres Church of Frostproof” and was a member of the Presbytery of South West Florida, U.S.A.

Our church joined the Associate Reformed Presbytery on Febuary 28, 1982.  At the present time the church is a member of the Florida Presbytery and carries on a full program of work with men, women, young people and children and is active in the work of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (A.R.P.).

It is the hope of this, The First Pres Church of Frostproof, that if those who did so much long ago were here today they would say, “Well done.”


Pastoral Leadership

Our Pastor, Dr. William “Buzzy” Elder, Jr.Our Pastor, Dr. William “Buzzy” Elder, Jr. was born in Georgia in 1951, he has spent most of his life in South Carolina.  Prior to his calling to the ministry, he graduated from Winthrop University in South Carolina in 1974 with a BA in Mathematics, and then pursued a career in retailing, becoming a manager of a retail business and a leader in the regional retail industry association.

He graduated with a Master of Divinity from Erskine Theological Seminary in 2004, was ordained in August, 2004 by the Catawba Presbytery in South Carolina, and was the pastor of Hopewll ARP Church, in Blackstock, South Carolina until 2009.

Dr. Elder preached his first sermon as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Frostproof on Sunday, February 15, 2009.  He received his Master of Theology from Erskine in 2009 and his Doctor of Theology Degree from Newburgh Theological Seminary in Newburg, Indiana in 2011.

Dr. Elder and his wife, Libby, have been married for forty years.  They are the parents of two grown children, Michael and Kathryn.  They are also the adoptive parents of their grandchildren, Justin and Andy.

Dr. Elder says that these boys are his inspiration and part of the reason he decided to move from a role of lay leadership in the church to a spiritual one and to become a minister.

Basic Beliefs

1st Pres Church BeliefsWe believe…

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is a conservative, evangelical denomination which holds to the great truths of the Christian faith as revealed in Holy Scripture.  The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church adheres to the Westminster Standards, historic doctrinal statements which emphasize the following:

GOD IS THE SOVEREIGN CREATOR and ruler of the universe.

JESUS CHRIST is the Son of God, the only Saviour and Lord of man.

THE HOLY SPIRIT is the initiator and enabler for the Christian life.

THE BIBLE is the infallible Word of God, the only rule of faith and practice and without error in all that it teaches.

SALVATION is by God’s grace, freely given through faith and not earned by any merit of man.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS are the summation of man’s duty to God and of man’s responsibility to his fellow man.


CHURCH GOVERNMENT is by the Presbyterian system, from which the denomination takes its name.  As outlined in the New Testament, church government is by elders and deacons, elected in a democratic manner by each congregation.

THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM is administered to believers and their children.  All forms of Christian baptism are recognized, and a second ceremony is not administered to those baptized in other churches.

BELIEVERS MAY JOIN the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church by profession of faith, reaffirmation of faith or transfer of membership from another denomination.

Mission Statement

1st Pres Church Mission StatementOur Church welcomes all who enter.  Together we will learn from the Scriptures, grow in faith, share in hope, and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Service Times

Sunday 8:30-9:30AM Early Service

Praise & Worship
9:30-9:45AM Continental Breakfast
9:45-10:45AM Sunday School

Traditional Morning Worship

Children’s Church
5:00-6:00PM Bible Study with the Pastor

9:30–10:30AM (Repeat) Bible Study with the Pastor 

1st Pres Events

Tue Dec 12 @12:10PM - 12:35PM
Community Prayer Meeting
Tue Jan 09 @12:10PM - 12:35PM
Community Prayer Meeting

Directions to 1st Pres

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