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1st Pres ChurchThe first church to be established in Frostproof is now – as we know it – The First Pres Church, located at the corner of North Palm Avenue and West A Street.

Many years ago (1905) a small group of concerned, dedicated Christian citizens realized the need for a place to worship.  After much prayerful thought and work a memorable day came when there was organized a church to be known as “The Church Among the Lakes” with eleven charter members.  As membership grew there were those who opposed the name “The Church Among the Lakes” and after much thought and discussion the little church changed its name, and was known as the “Union Church”.  This was satisfactory for a while but soon, one after another, groups became conscious of differences in creeds and beliefs, and they left the Mother Chruch to organize their own churches.  The remaining members of the Union Church feeling that this church had served its mission saw the necessity of affiliating itself with some denomination.  They expressed their desire to organize into a Presbyterian Church – thus in 1915 the Union Church became known as “The First Pres Church of Frostproof” and was a member of the Presbytery of South West Florida, U.S.A.

Our church joined the Associate Reformed Presbytery on Febuary 28, 1982.  At the present time the church is a member of the Florida Presbytery and carries on a full program of work with men, women, young people and children and is active in the work of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (A.R.P.).

It is the hope of this, The First Pres Church of Frostproof, that if those who did so much long ago were here today they would say, “Well done.”